From Pen to Ballot: Journaling Our Collective Vision for a Just EU

06/06/2024 - From 18h30 - Members & Guests
Registration mandatory

Amidst the backdrop of the upcoming EU elections, scheduled for 6-9 June across EU member states, we invite you to a gathering unlike any other. Rather than overwhelming you with more election-related information, we aim to create a space for citizens—both EU and non-EU residents—to come together, explore, and write down our shared concerns, hopes, and dreams for the future (in the EU and beyond).

In a world saturated with data and opinions, we offer a respite—a chance to focus on being present and delve into our emotions, feelings, dreams to envision the world we wish to inhabit, and to explore innovative solutions to pressing issues, particularly in the realms of environmental sustainability, gender equality, and security. As those are at the core of the vision of The Tide.

If you're passionate about our collective future and crave a deeper conversation beyond the ballot box, join us for an evening of reflection, dialogue, and creativity. We look forward to welcoming you into our circle of thinkers and dreamers.

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