Goddesses In Every Woman: Another Look On Female Psychology

11/06/2024 - From 19h30 - Members & Guests
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A fascinating tool to gain powerful insights about ourselves and others, that's what you get when you combine Greek myths with Jungian archetypes. Psychiatrist Jean Shinoda Bolen uses seven archetypal goddesses to help us understand our own talents and traps, our own mission or the most important relations that thrive us in life.

It might be the adventurous Artemis who encouraged you to go abroad, the wise Athena to chart your career path or the caring Demeter to support your family. All of the archetypes live inside of us and depending on your stage of life, one or the other goddess becomes more activated. Others might have been suppressed and are eager to be brought back to life.

Goedele Van Kerschaever uses this tool in her work as a coach and mentor, supporting women leaders in their personal and spiritual development. She regularly gives this goddess workshop for women's network organizations to spread the vibes and the insights of this powerful instrument to self-knowledge.


Working as a coach and therapist for about 8 years now, Goedele Van Kerschaever first specialized in grief and loss. As her own business grew, she got more and more into business coaching, meeting the demand of her colleagues-entrepreneurs. She has always loved to connect ratio with intuition, brains with the heart and that is still her main focus today, mentoring women leaders in their personal and spiritual growth.




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