Intersectional Women: Accessibility & Neurodiversity

28/05/2024 - From 19h30 - Members & Guests
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Did you know that 80% of neurodivergent women have not received a diagnosis by age 18 - while the average age of diagnosis for boys is 7?

How about that neurodiverse women are more likely to be gender diverse and identify as LGBTQ+ than their neurotypical peers?

Intersectional Women is an event series that explores the fact that while gender unites us, understanding how our differences result in diverse lived experiences is key to achieving true inclusion and equality for all women. We've looked at microaggressions and gender inclusive cities, and unpacked our own intersectional identities. Now let's turn our attention to neurodiversity and how to support neuroinclusion.

We’ll discuss common types of neurodiversity like Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and dyspraxia, unpacking topics like

  • Why the diagnostic journey is so long - and the barriers women typically face
  • What masking is and why women are most affected
  • How to use digital accessibility to enable neuroinclusion
  • Resources for support and follow-up


  • Martina Blackman Andersen, senior professional and DEI & ADHD advocate
  • Aurore Lentz, DEI professional and co-founder of a neurodiversity employee network
  • Marie Dubost, facilitation expert and self-proclaimed ‘accessibility geek’ who’s passionate about creating inclusive spaces

The evening will be moderated by Tamara Makoni, inclusion specialist and CEO of Kazuri Consulting.

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