Enneagram Workshop

25/06/2024 - From 09h30 - Public

If you wish to know yourself better, understand the people you live and work with a new lens, recognise your greatest innate talents and face your biggest challenges, this is the right place for you!

What is Enneagram and what are the numerous benefits it can bring to my career and my personal life?

Discovering Enneagram is like looking at the world through brand new lenses. It reveals the unseen, the shadows, the mysterious in all of us. It requires some kind of courage to look straight into our own eyes and accept what there is to see. Nevertheless, Enneagram is benevolent and non-judgmental. We all have strengths and challenges of our own. But do we accept them or at least even know them?

Enneagram shows each one of us what lies behind our most profound motivations, what makes us “do what we do”, and why we make the choices we make. We begin to see how we are running on autopilot most of the time and what this autopilot is actually programmed to do. And by bringing clarity on these subconscious drives we gain freedom. We now know where to look and what we are looking at: which part of me is in the driver's seat at this instant? Is it serving my greatest interest?

Enneagram describes nine ways of being a Human Being: Nine ways of seeing the world, of perceiving information and of adapting to our environment. In this way, it is not about WHO we are but about HOW we have managed to "stay alive" and HOW these strategies still influence us later in life (meaning today!)


Céline is the Managing Director of Phone Languages (Business Language Training since 1985) and also, an Enneagram coach and trainer. She has always played a part in both worlds of business and personal development. Enneagram was a game changer in her personal and professional life, and it came naturally to her that she in turn would become a trainer. She now accompanies small businesses, couples and individuals mostly using this precious and powerful tool for better relationships and thriving careers (and so much more!)

Instructeur Ennéagramme / Formation - Coaching
Co-founder de Graines de Conscience asbl
Managing director of Phone Languages sprl


Ticket: 85 euros - includes the entrance, and unlimited coffee and water

The workshop will last approximately 2.5 hours.

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